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Haunting memories

They will soon be a forgotten set of rituals, all the practices of amateur photography before the advent of the digital camera.  Each frame was precious when the film rationed you to 36 frames and you assessed your composition more … Continue reading

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A site to see.

When me and my dad were discussing our mortality, more ominously pertinent in the last years of his life, he used to say to me: “In a thousand years, Sue, it’ll be as if we’d never been here.”  My mom and … Continue reading

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1947. For you the war is over….

“Unterschreiben Sie hier Gefangener,” ordered the translator. “Baier; Alfred” the prisoner inscribed, obediently, in blue ink on the form. Prisoner number 535139, from POW Camp 96, Wolseley Road, Rugeley, was scrutinised and measured for the records: ” a) Colour of … Continue reading

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