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Other peoples houses…

The post-war housing shortage was a bit of a Curate’s Egg for my mom and dad. It was easy then for any chap to find work in the building industry, and my dad, with a bricklaying apprenticeship under his belt, … Continue reading

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For the love of trees

Advocates of HS2, a high-speed railway that is to link London Euston station to Birmingham and beyond, proclaim a short but persuasive list of arguments in its favour. The opponents to the new line have a less coherent argument.  Many … Continue reading

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Cool, Clear Water.

It’s said  – unscientifically – that Greater London’s tapwater passes through 13 bodies before it is discharged into the mighty Thames.  This I could well believe, when I first tasted it, in September 1980 as I commenced wafting through my … Continue reading

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